Sublime Text 3 Install Package not working in Big Sur

Here's how to fix Sublime Text 3 Install Package not working or not showing on package list (command + shift + P)

  1. Open the Sublime app

  2. Press cmd + shift + p

    1. Enter Browse Packages and press Enter

    2. This command will open the Finder app

  3. Go to the Installed Packages folder and delete the Package Control plugin file (if it exists)

  4. Select to Packages folder (in the same level of the Installed Packages folder) and hit cmd + c to copy the folder (path)

  5. Opeb Terminal app

  6. Enter cd and paste the folder path (cmd + v). You will see the command like this:

    cd /Users/[youre-username]/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages
    Press Enter to go into the folder
  7. Clone the @TheSecEng 's fork
    git clone "Package Control"
  8. Restart Sublime